Men Sit In Helicopter, Then 1 Jumps Down To Save Elderly Couple Before Flood Can Wash Them Away

Young Mom Beats Stage 4 Cancer, Then Flips Out When Friends Surprise Her Family With Disney Trip

Retired Nurse Will Do Anything To Change Her Look, So The Makeover Guy Chops Off All Her Hair

Soldier Dies Mysteriously After Saving Others. 67 Years Later, His Family Learns The Truth

Angelina Jolie Opens Up About Tough Divorce, Then Reveals Her Bell’s Palsy Diagnosis

Confused Neighbors See Huge, Beloved Trees Chopped Down In Yard, Then Make Signs For Local Mayor

If You Find A Hard, Fleshy Bump On The Bottom Of Your Foot, It May Actually Be A Plantar Wart

Plumber Finds Purple Heart On The Road, But Takes Almost A Decade To Find Its Owner

Girl Spends $1,000 On Video Games And Bouncy Castles, Then Invites Homeless Kids To Huge Party

Man Finds Cell Phone, Tries To Get It Back To Owner On Ship — But Tosses It Overboard Instead

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